We are the leading omni-channel platform in the industry.

We design omnichannel solutions for you to get closer to your users in the easiest and fastest way. With SendIA by Digevo and wholesale services, you have all the functionality and support you need.

We are a telecommunications operator

We are validated as a telco operator and reach all countries. Thanks to our robust communications network, we have coverage wherever you need it, with full availability and competitive prices.

SendIA is a Digevo product.

SendIA by Digevo was created with the objective of supporting companies to efficiently achieve better results in their omnichannel and mass messaging campaigns.

We are pioneers in the development of Artificial Intelligence and use it to enhance communications.


Rodolfo Soria-Galvarro

Director / Co-Founder

Alfonso Cádiz

Director / Co-Founder

Roberto Musso

Director / Co-Founder

SendIA Team

Patricio Arzola


Eugenio Alvarado


Rodolfo Aravena

Telco Engineer

Paula Da Silva

Customer Success Executive

Yonatan Rogel

Core Engineer

Alfredo Tejeda

Fullstack Engineer

Pablo Barboza

Fullstack Engineer

Alvaro Osses

Operations Manager

Rocío Castañeda

Product Analyst

Otto Proaño

Voice Engineer

Jose Miguel Rojas

SAT Engineer

Our Achievements

of SMS



At Digevo we focus on solving challenges and finding opportunities with AI.

Since 1997, we have grown along with the new technological trends and have consolidated more than 2,000 projects for clients in 14 countries.

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We have two services that will help you meet your business objectives and reach your customers in the best way, through omnichannel and bulk SMS.

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