Send bulk messaging anywhere with our Wholesale SMS service

At SendIA by Digevo we have a high capacity for you to reach more countries. With our SMS Wholesale service, you get massive wholesale courier packages, with the best performance and price in the market.

We offer SMS and voice services for business customers.

Explore our specialized voice and SMS Wholesale solutions designed for business and wholesale customers. As a global telecommunications operator, we offer international coverage to help you achieve your goals:

We are a telecommunications operator with availability and traffic in all countries.

We ensure high delivery rates and 99% uptime.

We offer plans with discounts for volume of shipments.

Offers active SMPP and DLR to optimize delivery rates.

Combining the best in customer experience and technology

Optimize the way you communicate with your audience and reach new users to meet your loyalty, sales, support or service goals through the power of omnichannel.

Global coverage

We increase your reach and allow you to expand your operations to new markets in Latam with our wholesale messaging and calling service.

Network reliability

The Wholesale service provides speed and secure message delivery through an easy-to-use platform.

Customer satisfaction

Make your campaign deliveries fast and efficient, creating new loyalty opportunities through our personalized service.

Our customers have reached new markets with our Wholesale service.

Our clients have conquered new horizons thanks to SendIA by Digevo’s bulk messaging services. We have been the strategic ally that has led them to successfully expand in various markets. Their success is our greatest endorsement.



(direct with local operators and international carriers)

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