SendIA by Digevo:
Your trusted telco provider

Do you need an immediately available telco provider to connect your contact center with your customers to meet your goals? SendIA by Digevo has a robust telecommunications service that will help you increase your operations.

Our telecommunications services

We offer specialized services for businesses, covering SMS and voice calls. Discover how our robust platform can boost your customer communication efficiently and cost-effectively.


Boost your communication strategy with our SMS service. Reach your customers effectively with personalized messages, detailed tracking and high open rates.

Voice calls

Enhance the power of direct communication with our voice calling service. Connect in a personalized way, extend interaction time and automate processes for unprecedented efficiency.

Our telco infrastructure is designed to handle increasing traffic volumes efficiently, ensuring the scalability of your operations.

Why choose SendIA by Digevo as your telco provider?

High availability network:

Our infrastructure guarantees 99% uptime, ensuring the operational continuity of your contact centers.

Bulk SMS with reliable delivery:

We offer bulk SMS services with high delivery rates, backed by a robust tracking system for total control.

Standard protocols:

We work with industry standard protocols, such as SMPP for SMS, ensuring compatibility and facilitating integration with your current systems.

Efficient voice calls:

Optimize your interactions through voice calls, increasing operational efficiency and improving customer satisfaction.

Significant cost savings:

Hiring our telco services is more cost-effective than outsourcing, allowing you to implement in-house contact centers with economic efficiency.

We go where your company needs to go

Although we are located in Chile, our infrastructure allows us to offer telco services for companies anywhere in the world. Connect with global customers, providing immediate and efficient availability, regardless of geographic location.

Integrate your company’s communications with SendIA by Digevo

Implement our telco solutions quickly and easily, without unnecessary complications. We easily integrate our solutions with third-party platforms, providing flexibility and adaptability to your technological infrastructure. Get a quote with us.